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I am going to talk about the top stories published by People Magazine weekly. Many people are involved with what the media has to say on celebrities, which is why everyone loves to read people and gossip on celebrity life.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Body After Baby!

What is with all these celebrities having babies and losing the weight right away? This is the cover story of People Magazine this week. Beginning with Denise Richards, who, in my opinion, is absolutely beautiful, lost all of her baby weight and looks better than ever. When she was pregnant with her daughter, Lola, she gained 30 pounds. That is a lot of weight, but normal for a pregnant mom to be. She recently told People that she had a secret weapon to losing weight: “It’s called the Stress Diet,” but she was only semi serious. In addition, she really explained that the reason she was able to get back down to her weight and look phenomenal again was because of her trainer, Garrett Warren, who had her doing kickboxing and abdominal exercises that she did 4-6 times per week. She also controlled her diet by eating healthy. I think Denise looks great, and has worked very hard to get back in shape. It is not easy to do after having been pregnant but if you want to lose baby weight, you need to make a few sacrifices.

Another celebrity mom who is dealing with the same issue of baby fat is Britney Spears. In June, Spears told People, “Having a child inspired her." Spears is also getting back into shape and is looking awesome already, after having Sean Preston on September 14. Another celebrity I want to point out that also looks amazing is Christine Taylor. She said she spent a lot of time running after she had her baby, Ella, who is now three years old, and she also looks wonderful.

I have seen so many celebrities, in pictures, after having children, and I feel that most of them got back into shape right away. I think it is something within the celebrity world, where everyone wants to be thin and healthy. After having a baby, no one wants to keep the weight on and if you have the money, it is a lot easier. You can pay to get the best trainer and even have meals made for you and delivered to your home, as many celebrities do.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jennifer and Vince?

This week in People, everyone seems to be wondering if it is true that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are together. Well guess what, the rumors are true and the pictures show all. Jennifer and Vince were filming The Break Up this summer in Chicago and many wondered whether or not the romance was not just on the set but as well as off. Well, Jen seems to be over Brad and very happy with Vince. Aniston used to tell people that her and Vince were just friends, even when people saw them together and dancing and flirting, but I guess not anymore. In addition, Aniston told Elle this month about Vince that "He's delicious and funny . . . but I don't want to be a rebound girl." However, this did not seem to be the truth. All of Chicago saw them out together, cuddling, kissing and much more so the truth is out to the public now. Also, both stars reps used to deny that the two were a couple, now both reps do not comment on their new romance. On October 14th, the couple strolled in Lake Forest, Ill., "they were very comfortable with each other," says an onlooker. Furthermore, Illinois is Vince's hometown, which means that Vince brought Jennifer home to meet the parents. The new couple went out to lunch with Vaughn's mother, Sharon, and stepdad. Many are very shocked at this new romance and Vaughn's friend and Swingers costar Jon Favreau said "Vince and her? Really? I see them as very different types of people, with different interests." Well, believe it or not but JENNIFER AND VINCE ARE A COUPLE. What do you guys think of this new couple?

One more thing I want to say, and I am sure most of you are wondering, what is going on with Jessica and Nick. Well, as of recently, Nick has said that "Everythings Perfect", about his marriage with Jessica. When Nick Lachey hit the red carpet with his younger brother, Drew, Drew said "For the record, we're not talking about Nick and Jessica." However, that did not last long. Nick told PEOPLE about the couple's recent getaway in advance of their third wedding anniversary on Oct. 26. "We just came back from Italy. We decided to celebrate a little early and do the romantic Florence wine-tasting thing," he said. In fact, "everything's perfect," he said. So I guess the couple is happy for right now but maybe not for long. There is so much talk about their relationship that if they are really having problems, I do not think the media would be the first ones to know. That is the key with Hollywood couples, to keep to themselves, unless they are really going to break up.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

ALL ABOUT THE BABY! Plus Foxy Brown's upsetting news!

Yes it is true, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are having a child, and they are happy as ever. On October 5th, the couple announced that they were expecting. "Tom and Katie are very excited, and the entire family is very excited," said Cruise's sister. Many are also asking when did Katie get pregnant. Well, no one is really sure, but her bump indicates that she is in her second trimester, but who knows when she will be due. Many of you may also wonder, what does Chris Klein think about this, Katie’s ex-fiancée. Well, Chris did not seem to be too happy with the news. He said that, "The fantasy was over and reality set in. We weren't lighting each other's fire anymore." Chris Klein also told People that he and Katie no longer speak to one another. I guess everyone can not be happy for their ex's, but some are. Poor Chris, but Katie seems happier than she has ever been in her whole life. Cruise's costar, Greg Grunberg says that "They are so in love it’s crazy." "They are always together." Well, Good for Katie and Tom. I did not really like them as a couple at first and still am unsure, but I feel that they are so happy together, so how can you not be happy for them.

Now I am sure many of you wonder what is going on with Jessica and Nick. Us Weekly had a picture of them on the cover that read "SPLIT", as well as many other magazines said they may have split. However, JESSICA AND NICK HAVE NOT BROKEN UP!! They have been seen without their wedding bands a few times but they were seen together at the airport on October 7th, and they looked happy. They are trying to fight off the rumors of them separating.

One last thing I want to talk about is how Foxy Brown has gone deaf. I was in shock when I heard the news. She has been deaf for four months now and it is not easy for her. On May 23rd, Foxy Brown remembered going to sleep the night before, with her T.V. blasting and waking up the next morning with no sound coming from the T.V. Foxy said, "I pressed the volume to about 60. Nothing." "I ran outside to my truck and honked the horn. Nothing. I ran back inside and dialed a number on the phone. Nothing. Then I started breaking down in tears and screaming and I couldn't even hear myself scream. That's when I knew there was a problem." I was so upset when I read this part in the magazine and almost cried myself for her. She has also said that, "I'm on a personal journey. I believe God wants to be the only voice I hear right now." It is a very hard time for Foxy Brown right now. You never know what will happen and Foxy had never expected this.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Princess For Williams?

So it is back on for relationships in this edition of People. Prince Williams has found his match, Kate Middleton. They have been dating for three years now and seem happier than ever with one another. Kate is an art history major who has been in search of a job and Prince Williams will soon begin his banking internship, while also trying to tackle his exams for Sandhurst. So they are both pretty busy in their lives right now but still make time for each other and go out to the nightclubs. In addition, Kate has also met the Queen and a friend of the monarch's has said that "Kate is very nice and very unassuming. She is not in it for personal gain." I think it is very cute that they are together because she seems like a nice girl, and Prince Williams is a very important person, but it must be hard for her to be dating a Prince. There has to be very high expectations put upon her and that seems like it would be hard to uphold. They seem very close and now many wonder if Kate is the one.

Now I am sure most of you can guess what I am going to talk about next, and that is a major Break-Up that has just recently happened. Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis BREAK-UP. No more wedding plans for the two, and the engagement is off, just after only four months. Hilton used to say that Latsis was the one and that she stopped partying and being crazy for him, but I guess that is not the case anymore. Now Hilton is supposedly kissing and holding hands with another man. The man happens to be Mary-Kate Olsens ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos III, who is a young greek, like Latsis, with an Olympic-size family fortune. What is it with the rich marrying the richer? Paris Hilton has so much money and she seems to be attracted to the others who have huge family fortunes as well. Hilton announced the break-up on September 30th and she says that, "I'm just having fun right now. I don't have time for a relationship." However, Latsis says that, "Right now is a very tough time for me. I love Paris very much. This was the best experience of my life."

One last thing I want to say is that Brad and Jennifer's Divorce in now FINAL! Brad is living his new life and so is Jennifer, and they both seem to be happy now in their separate lives.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


So aside from all the celebrity break-ups last week, we can look at a new happy couple that decided to tie the knot, secretly. Demi and Ashton have been together for two years now and everyone knew that they were going to get married at some point, but no one knew when. They got married in their Beverly Hills home, with 100 guests by their side, of close friends and relatives. There marriage was honored by the couples Kabbalah beliefs. It was a surprise Kabbalah ceremony and not even the media knew about it until now. Now this wedding may not seem real to many of you because Demi is 42 and Ashton is 27, but People Magazine says "you are not getting punked", this is the real thing. Also, many of you may think , What does Bruce Willis think of this, well he said "I am honestly great friends with Ashton...(he) is a really great guy." I mean he seems to be happy for them and they have been together for so long so I do not think Bruce has any hard feelings. Many feel as though the couple will last a long, long time, but you never know with a celebrity couple. They seem happy now but after a little bit, who knows what will happen. At least this couple waited two years to tie the knot, where other couples wait a few months to get married. In my opinion I feel as if they will last a long time because I feel that they really know one another after the two years they have been together. What do you guys think? Will they last or not? Another happy couple that seemed to have had a fun weekend together was Angelina and Brad. They took a weekend away to Canada and rode motorcylces. Will they be next in line for a wedding? Who knows.

Now I know we talked about break-ups last week but they poped up again this week. You can never get away from a new couple breaking up. The One Tree Hill stars, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush had recently split. They were only married for five months and they called it quits. What went wrong? Well, I do not think the media really knows but it seemed that the couple were having some trouble from rumors that were being spread and Sophia said, "All we can do is be happy and laugh about it at home." Well, I guess they did not laugh about it at home and called it quits. I really like them together and thought they were a cute couple but I guess some things just do not work out.

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