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I am going to talk about the top stories published by People Magazine weekly. Many people are involved with what the media has to say on celebrities, which is why everyone loves to read people and gossip on celebrity life.

Friday, November 18, 2005

THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE--Matthew McConaughey

This week in the 20th Anniversary Celebration of People, Matthew McConaughey gets crowned as the "Sexiest Man Alive." I personally have always loved Matthew and thought he is such a good actor, as well as good looking man. One of my favorite movies that he starred in was "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days." He was so funny and charming in that movie. Now besides my personal feelings, let's get into what Matthew told People in this issue. Let me start off by saying that not only is McConaughey charming and talented, but he can speak fluent in Spanish. Now I know all girls love a man that can speak more than one language, I mean we all know it is attractive. In addition, he has been dating Penélope Cruz for the past year and seems to be very happy with her. McConaughey also works out all the time and he says "I don't feel like my head works right," if he does not get the chance to exercise. I am sure we all know that he works out by the looks of his body, what a lucky girl Cruz is. Moving on, not only does Matthew have all these traits above, but he also cooks. He seems to have done everything right so far for being a man. He told People that "I like to cook. I make a real good pasta with red sauce. All my plates are oversized. I'll put cold salad on the bottom and put hot pasta over it. Corn will be in the marinara. Usually just a spaghetti. Garlic, that's the first thing, and then bring down the yellow onions and fresh tomatoes, and just a shot of Prego out of the bottle helps with the viscosity. It's very important, you want it to stick to the noodle. And then Italian sausage." What more could you ask for from Matthew McConaughey, he is a man that has it all. To read more about Matthew go to
Another thing I want to talk about in People this issue is Nicole Kidman. The question going around is "Are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban engaged?" Well it seems that Nicole was spotted wearing a ring on her finger on November 11th while walking with Keith. However, Keith Urbans rep, Paul Freundlich, told People that, "Right now it's just a rumor. When and if there's a statement we'll make that public." All celebrities tend to say that comment if they are trying to keep something secret, so I guess we will not know until the couple tells the public if or if not they are engaged. I do not think the couple is engaged yet, but they are inseparable so maybe they will become engaged sometime shortly.
One last thing I want to say about Nicole Kidman is that she wishes Tom and Katie 'happiness' for their relationship and soon to be baby. It is always nice to hear that an ex wife is happy for her ex husband and soon to be new family.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Kenny Chesney Speaks Out

This week in People Kenny Chesney is on the cover page and ready to talk about his break up from Renée Zellweger in an emotional interview. I am not sure if you guys are really familiar with Kenny, aside from being Renée's ex-husband, but I really did not know anything about him until he met Renée Zellweger. Then after he started appearing in many People Magazine issues with his marriage to Renée is when I started to acknowledge him and realize he is a country singer and a good looking and very fit man. Now I feel as though after his breakup he needs to find himself again away from Renée and let the world know his side of the story.

Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney were only married for four months before calling it quits. They seemed to have had a happy marriage that I guess did not end up being as happy as it looked. Kenny was very hurt about the break up and said "I'm sad, I'm angry, and I'm hurt and confused. This is not what I envisioned my life to be six months ago," in which he told to People Magazine. In addition,
not only was he upset about his break up but the media was also making false statements about him and Renée. Kenny said, about the press, that "they've done nothing short of calling me gay and her a whore. None of those things are true. I'm pretty firm in my sexuality and my love for women." Poor Kenny. However, Kenny said that him and Renée still care about one another and they have gotten together even after their breakup. I think Kenny is a good looking guy with a good career and he will be strong through this tough time.

Another issue in People I want to fill you guys in on is about Tyra Banks modeling in a fat suit for her show, "The Tyra Banks Show." She went undercover as a 350 pound woman for the main purpose of seeing how obese people are treated by other individuals. She said that this was "one of the most heartbreaking days of my life." The reactions she got from other people were horrible and Tyra was very upset by this turn out, as I am sure many would be. So many people take advantage of their lives and they do not even think of those out there that are in this obese condition. Please click on this link below to watch an interview Tyra had with ABC News and watch of her obese experience...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ellen Tells All!

I want to start off by asking if you guys watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show. If you do, what do you think about it? I personally think Ellen is hilarious and I love the fact that she does not care what people think of her. She is the way she is and is very happy with life and happy with her girlfriend of nearly one year, actress Portia de Rossi. She has said of Rossi that “It’s the first time that I’ve known in every cell of my being that I’m with somebody for the rest of my life.” In addition to her happiness with her girlfriend, her show is amazing and has earned nine Daytime Emmy Awards. Ellen seems to have it all right now. However, when starting her show business she was unsure of how things would turn out. Many asked Ellen why she was going to do a talk show and that everyone fails but Ellen said "You have to do things that it doesn’t matter how many people failed. You have to take chances.” I feel as Ellen is a very strong person and is where she is today because of how strong she actually is. I hope she continues her success and her relationship with Rossi grows more and more. Wait to go Ellen!

Also this week in People, Jennifer Aniston takes on Manhattan to promote her new movie, Derailed. She was seen out at the hot-spots, dining with friends and just out on the town. In addition, she attended a Halloween party with costar Clive Owens at Nobu 57. In addition to news on Jennifer Aniston, she will be on Larry King Live on November 8th so be sure to watch it. However, Aniston deflected questions on the show that had to do with her relationship with Vince Vaughn but we all know that they are an item. Just a quick peak at the show, King asked "Is it serious?" about the romance, but couldn't get much from Aniston "I'm not talking about it," she said. So I guess we will have to watch and see Larry King to see if she says anything about her relationship.

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